Environment, sustainability and water resources in India

A completely self-sustained home with no need for water pipelines or external electric power. Sounds like science fiction? No, it isn’t! This is happening today and is paving the way for a grand sustainable future. A truly sustainable solution brings together all the natural forces of the environment and creates a powerhouse that can withstand the ravages of time and give back to the environment that it takes from. That is the solution that Aeronero aims towards.

Before we get into the modern-day miracle we were talking about, let’s look at an issue that is vital to us – water. Water is and will remain an issue of critical importance for the environment and a key factor in sustainable development for all nations across the world. For India, water resources are a key element to combat poverty and has a direct impact on our future and our environment. This means we need to change the way we assess, manage, and use this precious resource. The following areas of focus will help in making a major headway in obtaining sustainable water throughout India.

Groundwater management

The availability of water in India per person has fallen almost 400% in the last 60 years:. We pump out 25% of all groundwater extracted in the world. For a country like India that is so deeply reliant on groundwater, it is critical to explore other methods and practices that keep the water table stable. Approaches like rainwater harvesting and harvesting water from air can minimize the effects of drought while mitigating floods.

Responsible Use of Water

Improving water use efficiency is crucial to reduce dependency on freshwater sources for long-term impact. This can be achieved by driving adoption of low-cost technologies that save freshwater without impacting productivity. All sectors must responsibly engage in appropriate water use practices.

Promoting the use of treated wastewater

India’s cities and towns produce large amounts of wastewater which could be treated and used for irrigation, non-potable uses in cities like horticulture and dust suppression and for industrial needs. The option of dual water systems must be thoroughly examined. These systems could be used to bifurcate water supply based on use.

A Holistic Solution that brings together the forces of nature

Last year, in Ariyalur, Tamil Nadu a device was set up in celebration of the birthday of movie star Rajinikanth. The device called MY70: is an ingenious innovation that generates and captures water from air using electricity generated from sunlight. Since this device runs on green energy, it is ideal for remote areas, areas where there is limited access to electricity. The inventor of MY70 and the CTO of Aeronero, Dr. Kumar Loganathan: says that his device can generate water from air at less than 87 paise per liter and he hopes to make it free!

The technology in MY70 performs photocatalytic reaction and anion release to remove any traces of bacteria completely. This is ingenious as it bio-mimics desert creatures and plants and creates water that is pure, clean, and ready to drink. The products of Aeronero have perfected this technology. The products are also solar compatible, completely integrated with solar power. As brought out by co-founder Jyotsna Ravikumar, the product generates excess electricity enough to power an induction stove and a phone charger – a self-sustained home. Think about the possibilities – refugee camps, remote villages, and more.

The sky is the limit and Nature gives us all the tools for a green, clean, sustainable future. Want to pitch in? Drop us a message and find out how.

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