Aeronero machines are simple and eco-friendly. Whether household versions or industrial models, it is a plug-and-use solution requiring no training. We provide AMC option and service backup for all our customers.

The domestic version provides 20 litres a day and can be placed in any location (preferably near a window to allow airflow). It needs 250 W/hour to run and a minimum Relative Humidity of 20% to produce 20 litres of water.

The industrial models require almost no additional infrastructure whatsoever and only from mains or through Solar Panels. It is literally a plug and drinks solution, aimed at schools, hospitals, banks, restaurants, cafes small/large business establishments, commercial/residential buildings, whole villages, factories and off-grid settlements, thus providing a robust and renewable source for fresh, clean and healthy drinking water.

Aeronero’s Industrial-scale solutions can potentially service millions around the world, eliminating their need to “hunt” for water every day, providing water independence and social stability to women.

The Industrial scale system has a multi-barrier air filtration cascade, ensuring high-quality water generation regardless of air quality and a built-in water reservoir and treatment facility, continuously circulating the water, keeping it fresh over time.

In general, Aeronero machines work and deliver water between 5-50 degrees temperature and above 20% humidity. Although the machines will continue to produce water in cold areas when the temperature drops below 5 degrees, the quantity will be lower.

To solve this issue in areas where the temperature will drop to below 5 degrees and further to help villages that have problems with drinking water in freezing or snowing conditions, our engineers and scientists have developed a unique BINB Solution. This customized solution adapts to external climates to optimize the machine's output even in adverse conditions.

If the community to be served is in areas such as desert, mountain/hill, humid/aired, industry, slums, residential, towns/cities, etc., the technology within the machines can optimize climate conditions to sustain water availability via air.

The BINB Solution can be easily installed when needed or removed, depending on the need.