Regenerate Your Water From Within Your Homes

We have heard of water recycling plants but what if you could have water regenerating plants right in your home! That is right, you can make your own water. Before we get into how to let us see why many are switching to this revolution.


One major reason is the increase in waterborne diseases. They can spread rapidly leading to a high disease burden. According to research, about 37.7 million Indians are affected by waterborne diseases, 1.5 million children die of diarrhea and 73 million working days are lost. The contamination and depletion of groundwater and surface water sources is a catalyst for this. Ensuring that water is from a safe source can prevent such waterborne diseases.

We fondly remember the days when drinking water was free, easily accessible, and did not need to come packaged with the manufacturer's instructions. Today safe drinking water may be bottled, boiled, filtered, mineral purified, or enriched. Sometimes one liter of water is costlier than diesel. This is another reason we need a solution that helps makes safe water affordable and easily accessible.


Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) is a solution that has the potential to provide families, offices, and industries with safe water. At AeroNero, we use world-class technology to produce potable water from the surrounding air. This provides the potential to expand water availability all through the year even during contamination events, water shortages, and any other interruptions to clean drinking water services.

All air contains some amount of water all year round. For example, on a hot day, the air might feel thick and uncomfortable. That is because it is saturated with moisture. Water generators harvest the moisture suspended in humid air and filter it to remove particulates and bacteria. The resulting water is free of chemicals and other hazardous material. In areas where water is polluted or scarce, AWG is the most reliable source of safe water. Our domestic applications can eliminate the need for bottled drinking water. No plumbing or specific infrastructure is required to use these products.

AWG Units

Our AWG generators range from home-based units that can produce 5- 20 liters (Teerthaa: Nero) of water per day to commercial-scale units capable of producing 500-10,000 liters (Teerthaa: Ariwell) of water per day. Since water scarcity will be a major problem in the upcoming decade, our design involves the development of an AWG prototype that can produce an adequate supply of drinking water for the average person throughout India.

AeroNero products extract pure, safe drinking water straight from the air. Our generators are perfect for water-stressed or water contaminated areas. Our innovative air to water technology provides you a decentralized, local source of clear and fresh potable water without the hassle of any pipe connections or catch basins. Some of our products are designed and developed as a solar solution eliminating the need for electricity. You can be assured that our AWG generators are eco-friendly and easy to use.

Simply plug in this AWG generator at your home and enjoy fresh, clean water. Now that you know it’s possible, join us in this revolution as we make each home a water regeneration wonder to make safe, pure, and affordable drinking water accessible to all.

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