Why There Is A Need For Alternative Water Sources Today

Water – the lifeblood of a nation, the fundamental necessity that could mean the difference between becoming a thriving nation or parched desert land. Indians of old understood the value of water and the need to conserve it. Think about the Eri (tank) system of Tamil Nadu, one of the oldest water management systems in India. The eris were effective rechargers of groundwater and served a vital role in flood-control and rainwater harvesting. So were the ahars in Bihar, the zings in Ladakh, and the kundis of Rajasthan.

The wisdom of the ancients was sadly lost on the modern generation. Caught up in the frenzy of providing for the burgeoning population and the constant rise in temperature, we are unfortunately on the brink of a freshwater crisis. All is not lost, however. Thanks to technology and responsible innovation, we now have access to alternative water sources that promise a better future for all of us.

The Seesaw Rule: Water Down, Prices Up

Before we look at the solution, let us spend a minute to explore the repercussions of the water shortage that we find ourselves in today. Just as in the game of seesaw, when the ground and surface water supply is depleted, the price of water automatically rises. The increasing scarcity of water has been a major concern for policymakers, business leaders, and economists. Without water, businesses ranging from farms to the largest corporations face numerous problems including long-term viability and higher costs. According to the World Water Development Report 2019, “over 2 billion people live in countries experiencing high water stress…Stress levels will continue to increase as demand for water grows and the effects of climate change intensify.”

Rectifying A Dire Situation by Harnessing Water from Air

Different methods have been suggested for dealing with the water crisis, including improving farming practices, increasing storage infrastructure through water recycling, stormwater harvesting, and desalination plants. However, these require huge investments; investments that developing countries are struggling to arrange. The need of the hour is an economical yet effective solution. This was the drive for us at Aeronero as our brilliant minds began looking for solutions to address the growing concern for water scarcity.

The solution we found – moisture from the air. Think about it. For one thing, the air is available everywhere, including the desert. Imagine the potential of this source in helping water-deprived communities no matter where they are located!

Air-Water - Why Such a Brilliant Solution

Science for a changing world compares the atmosphere to a superhighway that moves water everywhere on the Earth. According to the article, the water content in the atmosphere at any given point in time is about 12,900 cubic kilometers. Though in global terms it is only 0.001% of the earth’s total water volume, in relative terms it is six times the amount of water in the world’s rivers. Harvesting this water from the atmosphere in ways that are efficient, practical, and inexpensive has been the essence of all of Aeronero’s products and we believe this will be an integral part of a multifaceted approach to address water scarcity. Come join hands with us and let us reverse the water crisis, one home at a time.

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